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Product Description

1. This Mig Welding Gun should be used by qualified personnel.

2. During use, avoid harmful substances such as arc or smoke, harming the operator and others.

3. The specified current parameter indicates its working limit, and the overload will damage the Mig Welding Gun.

4. The length of the conventional Mig Welding Gun is 3 meters and 5 meters. It is strictly forbidden to connect the cable with sharp objects, and heat objects.

5. MAG / MIG Mig Welding Gun technical implementation of GB/T15579.7-2013.

6. In order to ensure the quality of welding and the service life of this product, it is recommended to check regularly and replace consumable parts in time.

7. Disassembly of wire feed hose:

First remove the nozzle, the contact tip, the front joint, and then at the end of the torch, remove the solid nut on the center plug, you can see the fixed end of the wire feed hose, pull out, if necessary, gently rotate, ie The wire feed hose can be removed.

8. Installation of wire feeding hose:

Before connecting the welding gun to the wire feeding mechanism, be sure to install the appropriate wire feeding hose according to the type of wire.

Note: The wire feed hose should not be too long, otherwise it will make the contact tip screwed into difficulty or the hose will be excessively compressed and bent in the cable.

9. The protective gas flow is an important factor affecting the use of the Mig Welding Gun. It can be adjusted to the best welding effect by adjusting the flow meter.

10. Splashes in the welding process are most to affect the Mig Welding Gun and the welding effect.

11. It is strictly forbidden to use the Mig Welding Gun as a tool for knocking the workpiece.

12. Problems and solutions: