Europe style for Carbon Rods/Carbon Shaft/Carbon Stick - rectangular gouging carbon – Tongying

Technical Data


Diameter x Length

Current Range (A)

mm Inches
B506.5J 6.5*355 1/4*1*14’ 450-500
B508J 8*355(430)(455) 5/16*14’(17’)(18’) 500-550
B509J 9*355(430)(455) 23/64*14’(17’)(18’) 550-600
B510J 10*355(430)(455)(510) 3/8*14’(17’)(18’)(20’) 600-650
B511J 11*355(430)(455)(510) 7/16*14’(17’)(18’)(20’) 650-700
B512J 12*355(430)(455)(510) 15/32*14’(17’)(18’)(20’) 700-800
B513J 13*355(430)(455)(510) 1/2*14’(17’)(18’)(20’) 800-1000
B516J 16*355(430)(455)(510) 5/8*14’(17’)(18’)(20’) 1000-1200
B519J 19*355(430)(455)(510) 3/4*14’(17’)(18’)(20’) 1200-1400
B525J 25*355(430)(455)(510) 1*14’(17’)(18’)(20’) 1400-1600
Applications DC Copper Coated Hollow Core Gouging Rods has more efficient metal removal than normal pointed solid rods, produce lower smoke while using, maintaining the uniform diameter and machine like grooves and reduced slag. Two main types: Hollow core pointed and Hollow core Jointed. Gouging Carbon Rods are used for cutting, welding defects removing, making holes, welding inspection, and removing over-welded parts. Carbon Gouging Rods are low consumptive and electrically resistant, and the stability of the products by using selected raw materials. D.C. Gouging Carbon are made by mixing carbon / graphite with a binder, baking, and then coating with a controlled thickness of copper. Carbons are available in three types: circular, Jointed and rectangular.